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About us

The Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiac Rehabilitation is a professional network of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists.  Formed in 1995, the ACPICR welcomes professionals who are working in or interested in the exercise/physical activity components of cardiac rehabilitation.

The ACPICR provides, in association with the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) high standard education via well established and well evaluated post graduate courses. We publish Standards, Competency and Peer Review documents to promote and facilitate clinical excellence within our field of expertise.

The ACPICR facilitates the exchange of information, ideas and research findings to members via networks between cardiac rehabilitation services and also via links with other cardiac organizations (such as British Cardiac Society, BACPR, British Heart Foundation, British Society for Heart Failure).
We publish a newsletter twice yearly to inform our members of ACPICR activity including work in progress, courses and reviews of recent events.        

We have a committe of enthusiastic volunteers who all work in the field of Cardiac Rehabilitation.  Members are elected, by the membership, at the Annual General Meeting.  The Committee meets three times a year and minutes are e-mailed to members.  To find out who is on the committee and how to contact them, see the 'Contact us' page.


The ACPICR aims to remain as a recognised and respected professional body which champions the importance of exercise and physical activity in cardiac rehabilitation.

The ACPICR aims to:

  • Support members in delivering an effective and research-based physiotherapy practice for the rehabilitation of cardiac patients
  • Promote the role of Physiotherapy in cardiac rehabilitation
  • Support members and facilitate the exchange of knowledge, at both regional and national level
  • Provide and promote post graduate education/training needs of its members
  • To improve physiotherapy practice by facilitating research and audit at regional/national level and provide a forum for exchange of ideas


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Benefits of ACPICR Membership
Keep up to date with everything that’s going on around exercise and physical activity in the world of Cardiac Rehabilitation.

As a member of the ACPICR you will receive: 

  • A twice yearly newsletter serving as a communication and education resource
  • A hard copy of ACPICR Standards
  • A hard copy of ACPICR Competences
  • A hard copy of ACPICR Peer Review Tool
  • Discounted fees to BACPR in association with ACPICR courses and the ‘BACPR – EPG’ annual conference
  • ACPICR committee representation on behalf of members at a national level.
  • Non CSP members have guest access to interactive CSP, a forum for exchange of ideas and issues in cardiac rehabilitation.                                                                

Membership of the ACPICR is open to all professionals involved in the rehabilitation of cardiac patients and runs for one year from January to December.


ACPICR membership UK £20.00
ACPICR membership overseas £25.00

To apply for membership click on the 'Membership form' tab. 


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