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Sally Hinton MCSP, MSc

Founding member of the ACPICR

Sally Hinton, Founding member

Sally is the British Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (BACPR) Executive Director and Education Director responsible for supporting the BACPR executive committee across all aspects of the work of the association and responsible for the expanding education programme including the BACPR Exercise Instructor qualification, range of CPD courses and on line education. She is both founder chair of the ACPICR (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists interested in Cardiac Rehabilitation) and the BACPR Exercise Professionals Group committee. Sally completed an MSc in Health Promotion at Brunel University with a dissertation in patients’ compliance with exercise after cardiac rehabilitation and has many years’ experience lecturing in the field of Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. Sally has been involved with the development and review of many national guideline documents within the speciality including the BACPR Standards and Core Components for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (2017), a key document for the cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes within the UK.


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