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Welcome to the modernised ACPICR website. Please have a good look at all of the sections and navigate the different areas.

Last year, the committee felt it was important that we move with the times and bring our website and logos up to date. Following discussion at the AGM, emails to members and the appointment of a new website officer, the process began. Helen Alexander found a website development company based in Sheffield - Arkom. Following discussions, a meeting was organised for Nicola Kelliher to meet with Molly Heaton (Senior Designer). The meeting was a way of Molly understanding us as a committee, our values and what we were wanting to share with our members.

Following this, Arkom suggested some new logos which were then shared with ACPICR members and our new logo chosen! Discussions and a vote were also taken to change the name from 'Cardiac Rehabilitation' to 'Cardiovascular Rehabilitation' to reflect the changing populations accessing our services. 

The website was built and Nicola Kelliher, Fiona Brownlie and Heather Probert were tasked with the content management of the system and inputting all of the information we wanted to share.

As we update leaflets and publications we will update the logo on these documents. Watch this space!!!! 

The 'News' and 'Research' areas in particular,  will be regularly updated with new information so remember to review regularly to stay up to date.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions of anything you would like us to include in the website!