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Healthcare Professionals

Here you will find a variety of documents which you can download and print if required

We offer a wide variety of resources. These ones are aimed at Healthcare Professionals to provide guidance on evidence based research to help set up or develop services. See below for description of each document and a link to download:


ACPICR Peer Review UPDATED IN 2023

This document provides a benchmark for exercise professionals involved in the delivery of secondary prevention exercise programmes for individuals with cardiac conditions. Its overall aim is two-fold:

  1. to support peer observations of exercise delivery for the cardiac population
  2. to encourage sharing of best practice between the health professionals who work in this field.

Standards for Physical Activity and Exercise in the Cardiac Population UPDATED IN 2023

This document has been developed through a review of the evidence for best practice in Cardiac Rehabilitation, by a working party of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation (ACPICR). The aim is to standardise the quality and approach taken by exercise professinals when delivering the exercise component of CR in order to provide service equity to the widest variety of people with cardiavascular disease (CVD). The standards have been extensively updated and now include additional, more detailed information in different areas of practice.

**An addendum has been added to this document.  Please access this here.**

Core Competences for the Physical Activity and Exercise Component of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Rehabilitation Services UPDATED in 2024

This document has been produced by the BACPR Exercise Professionals Group. It provides guidance on the key competences required to ensure the use of best practice standards and guidelines for physical activity and exercise prescription. It also serves as a tool to monitor the need for continuing professional development for the exercise professional and supporting staff to achieve specific competences.


The Role of the Physiotherapist in Cardiac Rehabilitation

This document provides evidence of the benefit and worth of the physiotherapist in their contribution to cardiovascular rehabilitation (CR), and can be used by physiotherapists and CR teams in their communication with managers and commisioners. It reports on the current involvement of physiotherapy in CR nationally, outlines their specialist skills, knowledge and experience, as well as recommending a pathway to achieve competency to prescribe exercise to cardiac populations.



Role of the Support Worker in Cardiac Rehabilitation

This document is written as guidance for physiotherapists who supervise or manage support workers in CR services.